Fresh Food Platters

Our sharing platter range of finger food is guaranteed to enhance any occasion. Quality, stylish and economical, our platters are freshly made to order and made with only the very best ingredients.

When you present your clients or guests with one of our moreish sharing platters, they'll be impressed and at the same time deeply appreciative of your efforts to give them a varied and tasty selection of quality fresh food. The full range of ingredients can be interchanged and we can also create a bespoke sharing platter made to your specifications.

Sandwich Sharing Platter (Order Code NSPR/S)

(£3.75 pp.)

Our Sandwich platters have an assortment of freshly made sandwiches with premium fillings on white and brown bread, with a salad garnish.

Popular Sharing Platter (Order Code NSPR/P)

(£4.50 pp.)

An assortment of white and seeded bloomer bread sandwiches with hearty fillings, Chicken goujons, handmade quiche, Chinese spring rolls sausage and cheese rolls.

Classic Mixed Roll Sharing Platter (Order Code NSPR/CM)

(Sharing platter combo (Min 4 people. )£3.75 pp.)

Dinner and bridge Rolls filled with Premium Noble fillings fresh and tasty.

Prestige Sharing Platter (Order Code NSPR/PR)

(£4.95 pp.)

An assortment of mini sub rolls and open sandwiches, fajita selection, chicken goujons, spring rolls and vegetable samosas.

Fresh and Tangy Sharing Platter (Order Code NSPR/FT)

(£4.55 pp.)

A selection of tasty bites consisting of vegetable spring rolls, chicken goujons, onion bhajis, filo prawns, vegetable samosas with a trio of dips.

Bloomer and Artisan Sandwich Sharing Platter (Order Code NSPR/BL)

(£3.75 pp.)

Fresh farmhouse bread with hearty Noble fillings. Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and Plant Based.

Baguette Sharing Platter (Order Code NSPR/BA)

(£3.75 pp.)

Fresh granary baguettes and Ciabatta cut into 75mm tasty bite size pieces with assorted premium fillings.

Ploughman’s Sharing Platter (Order Code NSPR/PL)

(£4.50 pp.)

Handmade assorted quiche slices, pork pie, sausage and cheese rolls, mini scotch eggs, cheese sausage bites and pickle garnished with baby tomatoes and fresh crisp salad.

Popular Training Lunch Sharing Platter (Order Code NSPR/PT)

(£5.15 pp.)

Mixed bloomer sandwiches with hearty Noble fillings, handmade quiche, sausage & cheese rolls, crisps and a muffin selection.

Premium Training Lunch Sharing Platter (Order Code NSPR/PTL)

(£7.25 pp.)

Artisan bread sandwich selection with Noble Premium fillings, a selection of tasty bites, vegetable samosas, vegetable spring rolls, chicken goujons, onion bhajis, filo prawns and a selection of dips. To finish cut fruit skewer and mini muffins.

Premier Business Lunch Sharing Platter (Order Code NSPR/PBL)

(£9.20 pp.)

Mini sub rolls sandwiches, open sandwiches, fajita selection, tasty bites, chicken goujons, vegetable samosa, vegetable spring rolls, filo prawns, onion bhajis, potato crisps, a selection of dipping pots, mini cakes and muffins, fresh cut fruit presented in a bamboo boats, chilled fresh fruit juice and water.

Nobles Fruits of the Sea Platter

(Minimum 6 people. £6.55 pp.)

A selection of fish and shellfish including Salmon in with a sweet chilli sauce, Atlantic King prawns, peppered mackerel, smoked mackerel, seafood sticks. Artisan bread and butter portions.

Continental Meat Feast Platter

(Minimum 6 people. £5.95 pp.)

A Classic collection of roasted and rolled cold meats, thick sliced honey roast ham, rolled Bavarian ham, marinated grilled chicken and the Noble Continental meat skewer (7 different slices of cured meat with sweet pickle cucumber and baby tomatoes on a bamboo skewer), Bread Basket and butter portions.

Nobles Continental Cheese & Pâté Platter

(Minimum 6 people. £5.25 pp.)

A selection of Europe’s finest cheeses accompanied with a choice of pâté served with a variety of savoury biscuits and accompanied with our own caramelised carrot chutney.

Nobles Country Garden Platter

(Minimum 6 people. £2.95 pp.)

Fresh seasonal vegetables served with a Humous Dip.

Nobles Mini Danish Pastry Platter

(Minimum 6 people. £3.25 pp.)

Freshly baked in our ovens, a selection of Danish pastries and croissants with butter and jam portions.

Mini Danish Pastry Platter with cheese & ham slices

(Minimum 6 people. £3.95 pp.)

Freshly baked in our ovens, a selection of Danish pastries and croissants with butter and jam portions.