Nobles 4 Lunch

Nobles 4 Lunch have provided an excellent range of quality fresh food sharing platters since 1999. Delivered throughout Teesside and the North East of England (delivery charges may apply). Whatever your needs and special catering requirements, a Noble Platter is a platter indeed for Executive & business lunches, conferences, client entertaining, seminars, product launches, training courses and social events your guests with allergies religious or preference are not at a disadvantage. Nobles ensure that special menu requirements will be adapted and if needed presented / served separately.

Noble Catering Services continually strives to give not only unrivalled customer satisfaction but good value for money, too. We use only the very best and freshest ingredients (all locally sourced where possible) and our extensive HACCP food safety system (of which we are extremely proud) is there for your peace of mind.

Packed lunch Grab and Go (Order code PL )

(£5.65 pp.)

Nobles packed lunches are perfect where food is needed on the go, ideal for field and coach trips or any operational catering where food is required. Sandwich, crisps, chocolate, fruit and a drink (sandwiches are in sealed bags for freshness, carrier bags are biodegradable).

Fresh & Tangy Working lunch (Order code FTWL)

Sharing platter combo (Minimum 4 people. £6.15 pp.)

Baguettes and Ciabatta sandwiches with our own hearty freshly made fillings. A tasty selection of vegetable samosas, vegetable spring rolls, chicken goujons, onion bhajis, with a selection of dips.

Standard Working lunch (Order code SWL)

Sharing platter combo (Min 4 people. £3.75 pp.)

Fresh farmhouse bloomer bread sandwiches filled with Nobles assorted fresh fillings.

Popular Working lunch (Order code PWL)

Sharing platter combo (Min 4 people. £4.50 pp.)

A tasty selection of sandwich fillings on white and brown bread. Quiche, mini pizzerias.

Ploughman’s Working lunch (Order code PMWL)

Sharing platter combo (Minimum 4 people. £5.65 pp.)

Sandwiches with Noble premium fillings in artisan bread. Quiche, sausage/cheese rolls, gala pie, cheese and pickle onion skewer. English pickle relish.

BMA Ciabatta sandwich

(£5.15 pp.)

2 halves with different fillings. 3 different savouries and sausage cheese and pickle skewer.

BMB Seafood Pasta Crunch

(£5.15 pp.)

Tomato, basil and a coriander-based sauce with Fusilli Pasta Tuna Crunch Onion, pepper and celery with peppered mackerel and fish stick bites.

BMC Coronation Chicken Salad

(£5.15 pp.)

Crunchy vegetable Couscous with mini poppadums.

BMD Chicken Salad

(£5.15 pp.)

Crisp coleslaw with Mexican Mayo. Bashed potato salad with herbs butter and extra virgin oil dressing.

BME Ciabatta sandwich

(£5.15 pp.)

2 halves with different fillings. Our own chicken Fajita with Mediterranean veg and lettuce. BBQ/Chinese drumsticks.

BMF Chinese Chicken

(£5.15 pp.)

Served on a bed of noodles and salad. Spring rolls, dim sum, filo prawns and prawn crackers.

BMG Chicken Goujons with Dips

(£5.15 pp.)

Our own coleslaw fresh and crisp. Herby bashed potatoes in butter and extra virgin oil dressing

Cold Drinks

Fruit Juice (1.0 ltr): £2.00

Still water (1.5 ltr): £2.00

Still water (0.5 ltr): £0.80

Hot Drinks

Tea/Coffee. Biscuit selection. Disposable cups, flasks of hot water: £2.00 pp

Tea/Coffee. Biscuit selection. Crockery with boiler: £2.50 pp