BBQ & Bavarian Spit Roast

Whether it's 10 guests or 1000, a small family get-together or a large corporate event, we can handle your every need!

Whatever your function we are here to help and serve and our experience has been honed to give the very best regardless of size distance or time of year. We provide a variety of succulent BBQ dishes and we only use our own Steak Burgers and natural skin sausages made in our kitchens. Our own recipes marinate and our sauces enhance all our BBQ and Spit offerings.

We offer a choice of Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Fish, Vegetarian and EPB. All dietary requirements, allergies, religious preferences and catering choices are strictly adhered to. Our Salads are renowned for their freshness and flavours and we use seasonal produce locally sourced where we can.

Our piece de résistance is the Noble Bavarian Spit Roast, a mouth-watering visual catering experience wherein all your guests can see their food cooking at eye level. A great spectacle and talking point to be enjoyed by all.

Family BBQ

(£10.50 Adult £8.50 Child)

Our Own Homemade 6 oz Prime Steak Burgers in a bap with mature cheddar slice. Succulent British pork sausages with natural skins with a choice of seasonings. Potato wedges/Curly Fries. Nobles Coleslaw (perfect in your burger bap), a selection of crisp and fresh Noble speciality salads. A selection of bite size cut fruit in bamboo boats/mini muffins and cakes.

Original BBQ

(£13.95 pp.)

Nobles Homemade Prime 6oz Steakburgers. British Beef in a Bap with Mature Cheddar Cheese. Sensational British pork Sausages with natural Skins and Noble Seasoning. BBQ’d succulent Chicken Breast in a mild spiced sauce with mango and chutney. Summer Potato Salad. Boiled egg, spring onions, onions and salad cream. Nobles Cheese Savoury Coleslaw. A Selection of Nobles Speciality Salads. Farmhouse Bread Basket.

Continental BBQ

(£14.95 pp.)

Nobles Asterix seasoned barbecue steak burger topped with French onion rings. Aegean Chicken Breast marinated with garlic mint and yoghurt. Welsh Dragon Sausage Leeks and chilli mix. Continental Fresh Crispy Salad. Feta Cheese, olives, sweet pepper and cherry tomatoes. Potato Salad. Boiled egg. Sring onions. Continental cured meat pieces with salad cream. Mediterranean coleslaw. Red & white cabbage. Carrot, onion and coloured bell peppers with salad cream. Farmhouse Fresh Bread Basket.

Chinese BBQ

(£14.95 pp.)

Honey glazed prime British Pork fillet. Marinated with a honey soy and tomato sauce, seasoned with oriental spices. BBQ'd Pork Spare Ribs, charred in a light hoisin sauce with a hint of sherry. Tangy and spiced Chicken Breast marinated in a ginger and lime sauce. Chilled vegetable Rice. Red onion strips, spring onion, sweet red pepper cubes, peas and corn. Prawn Crackers.

Caribbean BBQ

(£14.95 pp.)

Chicken "Jamaica" (prime breast of barbecued chicken) served with a mango and Cajun sauce. "Carib" Pork Tenderloin barbecued and served with mango chutney. Gammon Steaks "Reggae" (honey and ginger glazed), topped with pineapple chunks. Spicy Potato Wedges and Caribbean Confetti rice.

American BBQ

(£14.95 pp.)

Texas BBQ Steak Burger with battered onion rings and Texas BBQ sauce. Mississippi Chicken Breasts (a succulent dish from the Southern States) consisting of BBQ spiced chicken breast in a mild curry with mango and sultana sauce. BBQ Cross Cut Dog in a hot dog bun with grated mature cheddar. Vegetable Chilli Con Carne Just the right amount of heat. Chicago Soda Bread freshly made to soak up all the juices.

Indian BBQ

(£14.95 pp.)

Noble BBQ'd Tandoori Chicken Masala. Tender chicken breast infused with Indian spices and herbs. Noble Anglo – Indian Sausages (minced pork with shallots, coriander, cayenne pepper, garam masala in sheep skin castings). Noble Curried Beef Burgers in a bap (minced beef seasoned with herbs and infused with spices). Mango and Cabbage Coleslaw. Yoghurt Mint and Garlic Dressing.

Seafood BBQ

(£16.95 pp.)

Sweet 'n' Sticky Tuna Steaks. In a pineapple, hoisin sauce, lime, coriander and ginger marinate and grilled on the BBQ. Skewered Tiger Prawns barbecued with a sweet chilli and garlic glaze. Grilled Lemon-Garlic Salmon/BBQ Roasted Salmon (great taste great texture). Three Bean Wild Rice Salad, the perfect side dish for hot summer night barbeques.

Vegetarian BBQ

(£11.95 pp.)

Hot Cheesy Tomato with mozzarella cheese and sun-dried tomato pesto sauce. Char Grilled Kebabs Aubergine chunks, mushroom, peppers and haloumi cheese coated with garlic infused virgin oil. Grilled Courgette boats with a spicy couscous, goats’ cheese and walnut filling.Baked Potato with vegetable chilli filling.

Plant-based BBQ

(£11.95 pp.)

Hot Cheesy Tomato with lactose free cheese slice and sun-dried tomato pesto sauce. Char Grilled Kebabs. Aubergine chunks, mushroom, peppers and grated lactose free cheese coated with garlic infused virgin oil Grilled Courgette boats. With a spicy couscous, shredded lactose free cheese and walnut filling. Baked Potato with vegetable chilli filling.