Business Breakfast

Business Breakfast Catering (Use stock code BBC)

Our healthy and varied breakfasts provide energy to give the very best start to the day they help concentration and productivity, not to be missed. Choose from our set menus or from individual items. All Allergy, Preference and Religious catering requests are catered for and strictly adhered to.

(For half and full day conference and workplace catering packages please contact us.)

Hot Breakfast Combo (Order code HBC)

(Min 6 people. £4.95 pp. One sandwich choice per person)

Bacon in a Ciabatta Bun. Our Own Breakfast sausage in a Ciabatta. Large egg in a soft bap. Mini Danish Pastry selection. Large Fruit Kebab.

Breakfast Continental Pastries (Order code BCP/C)

(Min 6 people. £3.95 pp.)

Large croissant with our four-cheese savoury filling. Mini muffins. Fresh fruit skewer.

Breakfast Continental Pastries (Order code BCP/D)

(Min 6 people. £4.25 pp.)

Petit pans filled with our own savoury fillings. Danish pastry selection. Fresh fruit skewer

Continental Cheese & Meat Classic Combo (Order code CCMCC)

(Min 6 people. £4.95 pp.)

A selection of 4 types of sliced cheese. A selection of 4 types of sliced Meats. Artisan bread and butter. Caramelised red onion chutney.

Continental Meat Combo (Order code CMC)

(Min 6 people. £4.95 pp.)

7 different meats, sweet pickled cucumber and baby tomatoes on a bamboo skewer. Rolled Bavarian ham slices. Artisan bread and butter.

Continental Cheese & Pâté Combo (Order code CCPC)

(Min 6 people. £4.95 pp.)

5 of the very best European Cheeses. Choice of Pâté. Our own Caramelised Carrot Chutney. Savoury Crackers and Butter.

Cold Drinks

Fruit Juice (1.0 ltr): £2.00

Still water (1.5 ltr): £2.00

Still water (0.5 ltr): £0.80

Hot Drinks

Tea/Coffee. Biscuit selection. Disposable cups, flasks of hot water: £2.00 pp

Tea/Coffee. Biscuit selection. Crockery with boiler: £2.50 pp